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    I am a Residential Cleaning company since 2001. I've expanded over this period of time, including purchasing an Incorporated cleaning company in 2015 which employed Sub-Contractors. This has been challenging in moving forward to higher more cleaners.
    Presently I have 4 cleaners plus me. My focus is a more personal one with my clients. I have 1 cleaner per household. They supply their own products and vacuum if needed and have a connection with their clients. So communications can either go through me or the cleaner/client route which seems to be working well. I have great respect for my cleaners and really do try to make sure they are heard and respected for the hard work they do. I believe paying them a good wage is important for the job they do and would like to be in a place where I'm with other like minded business owners. It's not easy out there running a business on my own. I have many challenges to deal with and feel I can't do this on my own. I'm at a point where I don't know how to move forward. I have no problem getting more business. I think I built a good reputation for my business. The challenge for me is how to create a business model that is attractive to cleaners and creates an environment of respect with both client and cleaner. Some incentives etc.