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    Achieving balance in life and improving the way that you interact with other people is the key to happiness and success. When you remove the stressors caused by relationship misunderstanding you: Become more productive; Are more satisfied with your work; Have more energy to enjoy what is most important in your life; Are happier in all of your relationships personal as well as business; And maximize your potential in every way. At Inside-Out we deliver powerful provocative and entertaining seminars and workshops to help people better understand their world the people in their lives and themselves. Based on the powerful Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personality System our seminars and workshops are sought after by individuals corporations and organizations that want to improve morale and productivity. Our corporate clients are interested in inspiring growth and change for their employees. A positive culture in an organization positively impacts the bottom line. We also offer a series of one-day seminars and weekend retreats designed for individuals and couples who want to improve their relationship and achieve personal growth and balance. Interpersonal Relationship Coach Karen Armstrong founded Inside-Out in 2000 and offers practical tools and techniques to assist clients to improve both their physical and emotional well being. By identifying recurring patterns of behaviour and thought processes her clients learn how to improve harmony and communication in their own lives. Balancing relationships whether personal or business is fundamental to reducing stress and opening life up to a